Virgin Islands Charters For A Variety Of Occasions

Planning your special event on the water is certainly one way to go. Luxury yacht rentals are perfect for creating lasting memories of your special occasion. You can cruise aboard a beautifully appointed yacht and enjoy delicious gourmet catering while those aboard can enjoy the lovely views. From birthday bashes to intimate gatherings, a Virgin Islands boat rental can offer you an unforgettable evening. So, what are the special occasions that deserve a USVI Boat Rental?

Getting Married?

Charter-Yachts-In-The-Virgin-IslandsA Virgin Islands Yacht is a unique venue for a wedding reception, and certainly one that will be remembered by your guests long after the celebrations are over. Yachts nowadays are equipped with all the latest in modern technology and facilities that will keep you and your guests comfortable for the entirety of your special event. USVI boat rental also comes with a customized culinary program consisting of gourmet dinners and matching wines. If you want the very best in Virgin Islands Charters, then you should check out Mr. Charter to make the most of the evening.

Marriage Proposal

Maybe you’re not getting married yet, but you plan to. If you’re looking for the perfect location to propose to that someone special, a St. John Charter could be just the thing you are looking for. Before you go down on bended knee, you’ll have to make sure that everything’s perfect, and there are no distractions or annoying people around. Keeping your need for privacy in mind during this very private event, a boat charter would be a suitable place for you to pop the question, while enjoying awe-inspiring 360-degree views, the best gourmet meal and a bottle of chilled champagne. You’ll want to make sure everything’s perfect for the intimate evening so why not book a Virgin Islands boat rental from Mr. Charter and get yourself a luxury boat at the best rates.


A Virgin Islands Yacht makes for a unique party venue. Thanks to boat rental services such as Mr. Charter, you can easily get the boat you desire at highly competitive rates to organize your party on. You are sure to take your guests by surprise when they read the fancy address on the venue. Besides, special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries come only once a year, so it deserves to be celebrated in style. This can easily be achieved on a luxury yacht while you ensure you make your friends feel honored like they’ve never been before. There’s nothing quite like celebrating a special occasion on a trendy boat with friends and family!

Hen and Buck Party

It’s your last day living the single life…no, you’re not dying, you’re just getting married. So, why not spend that time with your buddies in style, and nothing spells style more than hiring a Virgin Islands boat rental. While hen and buck parties are celebrated differently, both do have something in common – fun, and lots of it. For the buck party, you can cruise the picturesque harbor in a St. John Charter with your mates. Soak up the views while you enjoy a couple of cold ones. As the big night approaches, you will have plenty of options available in the British Virgin Islands. Hen parties can Virgin-Islands-Charters-USVIbe fun and exciting too. You can opt for a wonderful daytime cruise in the British Virgin Islands with your friends, while you sip on some wine and enjoy plenty of nibbles, served by hunky male staff.

The Anniversary

The wife’s put up with your late-night shenanigans and seeing to the kids while you played golf with your work mates for far too long. It’s time you showed her just how much she means to you.Hire a St. John boat rental and sweep her off her feet…again! The luxury boats available at Mr. Charter will truly impress your partner and will most certainly guarantee a reward at the end of the cruise that will be worth the wait!

The Honeymoon

There’s nothing more adorable than a couple of newly-wed love birds celebrating their first night together. Once the vows have been said, it will be time to celebrate your new life together. Needless to say, the two of you will be jetting off to an exotic location to celebrate your new lives together, and there’s really no place more exotic than the British Virgin Islands. You can book a St. John boat rental before you plan on making the trip to the British Virgin Islands, indulge in a romantic meal, take advantage of the seclusion and pamper each other while you take in the view.

Ringing in the New Year

Virgin-Islands-Yacht-Charters-BVIYou are probably planning a big party to ring in the New Year. But there’s a way that you can easily take the celebrations up a notch, and that’s by hiring a St. John boat rental. There’s nothing like sipping on some champagne (or eggnog) while you’re celebrating the arrival of a New Year. Visiting the British Virgin Islands during this time of year will really take the celebrations to a whole new level, and you get to have the best seats in the house to enjoy the full scale display of fireworks.

Because it’s Fun!

Do you really need a special occasion to hire a St. John Boat Rental while you’re on vacation in the British Virgin Islands? We thought so too. Whether you’re visiting the British Virgin Island for just a few days or weeks, hiring a Virgin Islands boat rental is a wonderful way of spending the day or evening, whether you’re alone or with family, or a group of friends.

No need to walk up and down the quays, looking for a boat to hire. Virgin Islands boat rental services such as Mr. Charter is the best way of getting a boat rental at the British Virgin Islands for your next big trip.

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