USVI: Best Boating & Yachting Experience

Warm weather, sand in your toes and most importantly beautiful blue waters as far as the eye can see. This is why people choose to vacation in the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI). The USVI is made up of four large islands, St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. John and Water Island. Besides these four magnificent islands there are 50 smaller islets and cays to be explored. Travelers who really St. John USVI Rental Boatwant to get the “Island Life” feeling should really consider traveling by boat or yacht in the USVI. This will truly be the time of your life.

At Mr. Charter, we cater to all your boating and yachting needs. Whether you want to island hop on a speed boat for a day, take a sailboat out for a few hours or decide that you want to spend your whole vacation at sea relaxing aboard a private yacht, we can make it happen. There isn’t anything too big or too small for us. Some of the reasons that the USVI stands out from any other boating or yachting experience include:

  • Sunny Weather – The only season you will see in the USVI is summer. The all-around average temperature is in the mid 80s and if you are looking for a mild winter, this is the place for you. It rarely drops below 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Between the months of August and November is considered the rainy season and even then, rainfall is infrequent and passes quickly.
  • Short Passages Between Islands – Because of all the islands proximity to each other, you can visit each of the four islands within a relatively short time. Don’t be surprised though if once you’re out there you begin to wish you had more time to spend traveling to each of these majestic islands. They each hold their own beauty and will draw you back on the ocean to see them again and again.
  • Protected Anchorages – Unless you are an avid boater you probably have no idea what protected anchorages means. Put simply, it means there are places that a boat or yacht can anchor and be safe from weather conditions or other hazards that may arise while out at sea. The USVI has an abundance of protected anchorages, which is something that helps put those of you not really familiar with sea life at ease.
  • Secluded Hideaways – Be ready to be in awe. Some of nature’s best hideaway’s can be found on two of USVI’s big islands. On St. John Island, sixty percent of the island is USVI Boat Term Charterspreserved as a national park. Virgin Islands National Park is home to beautiful tropical forests, crystal sands and underwater nature trails. Water Island will amaze you, it is the home to the famous Honeymoon Beach. This secluded beach is home to giant sea turtles and you can almost always see the dolphins frolicking right off shore. This is definitely a place you want to take anchor and snorkel or scuba dive.
  • Dependable Trade Winds – Because the USVI has reliable trade winds and the temperature is steady it makes boating or yachting here perfect. The sailing is smooth and the night air is comfortable you couldn’t ask for a better combination. For those of you who are new to boating and yachting one trip to the USVI and you will be hooked.

St. John, VI Term ChartersThe USVI, as you can see is really a dream come true if you want to experience the beauty of the sea. Here at Mr. Charter we take all the work out of planning your sea vacation. Let us help you find the perfect boat or yacht and leave all the rest to us. Visit our website at or call us at (844) MYBOAT1 and let us know the date of your trip, how many people are in your party, what type of boat your looking for and how long you want to stay out, it could be an hour or you could stay a month. With a click of a button you can book the boat of your dreams.

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