The USVI – The Ultimate Yachting Vacation

What better way to spend your vacation in The U.S. Virgin Islands than on a private yacht? Gone are the days where staying on a yacht is only for the rich and famous. Now don’t get me wrong renting a private yacht will still cost more than staying a week at the Marriott but you can do it without taking a second mortgage out on your house and the experience will definitely be worth a little extra cash. There are several companies that offer week long yacht charters for between $10,000 and $15,000 mind you, you won’t be getting a mega yacht for that price but you will USVI Vacation With Mr. Charterstill get more than you would at any hotel. There are some things to consider when booking your yachting vacation in the USVI.

  • Timing – If you want to get more bang for your buck try booking your yachting vacation during the off season. This usually means July through October in the USVI. If you want to book your yacht in the prime time you are going to be paying for that.
  • Size – When booking a yacht size does matter. The bigger the yacht the bigger the price tag. The best way to trim costs is to not get in a boat that is more than you need. Really think about what kind of space you and your family will need to be comfortable. There is no need to have 4 staterooms if you only have a family of 4. Remember, if you were going to stay in a hotel how many rooms would you be renting?
  • Crew – The best way to keep costs low is to only hire a captain and do everything else yourself. If you’re looking to be pampered and want full service than expect to pay full price. The good thing about renting a yacht is that it will generally come with its own captain. Most places are not going to let you just take off in a huge boat with no experience.
  • Number of Days – Once again this will determine how affordable your yachting vacation will be. Believe it or not you can sometimes get a better deal on your stay if you lengthen it.

USVI Sailing Getaway - Mr. CharterNo matter what your budget is, Mr. Charter can find you your perfect boat for your USVI vacation. Simply visit us at and plug in your preferred vacation dates and let us work our magic. If staying on a boat your entire vacation is just a little too much water time for your taste we can also arrange for day rentals. No matter how long you decide to spend on a boat during your trip there is no better way to see all the islands. If you need help deciding what boat will fit your needs give us a call at (844) MYBOAT-1 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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