St. John: A USVI Hot Spot

Vacation calls and what better way to spend it on the U.S. Virgin islands aboard a Mr. Charter custom yacht or boat rental. St. John, the smallest of the three United States Virgin Islands, is best known for its picture perfect white sand beaches, bays surrounded in colorful corals and plenty of tropical fish. While it is only twenty minutes from St. Thomas by ferry – St. John is a peaceful, un-commercialized paradise, kind of like the island of dreams. There isn’t anything that could ruin its beauty. It has no cruise ship docks, high-rise buildings or an airport. The island offers every facility and amenity found at major resorts located there.

St. John USVI Yacht CharteringIt is indeed the smallest island, sizing in at nine miles long and three miles wide, its spectacular beaches and untouched forests will remain that way for future generations to enjoy and visit someday. The island also offers tours of the National Park by safari bus and hikes on trails led by Park Rangers who enhance the whole experience by talking about the island’s beautiful history. Frequent visitors to St. John are beach lovers who will always come back for more.


Of course a vacation can’t be a vacation until it’s filled with fun!  There are charter boats from kayaks to ketches by the day which can be obtained with or without a captain. Activities such as sightseeing, snorkelling, scuba diving or even picnicking are offered on every variety of sail or motor craft.  Then there are activities on land include hikes you can do on your own or with a guide. You can go rock climbing as well!


Getting around the island isn’t a hassle at all. The major town where the ferry docks, Cruz Bay is on the west end of the island facing Red Hook in St. Thomas. It is connected by paved roads that are well maintained – to Coral Bay, located on the east end of the island.  There are also agencies that offer rental cars, jeeps and canopied trucks by the day or the week.


There are plenty of accommodations offered at every budget level which includes two luxury resort hotels, million dollar villas and private vacation homes with amazing views, condominium apartments, guest houses and small inns.

The possibility of owning your own home, a villa, or even condominium on this luxurious island is very real. Real estate companies will be more than happy to talk about your plans. St-John-USVI-Term-CharteringThey can also show you different home sites within the island. If you are considering building your very own cottage on the beach or your house of dreams, everything will be more comfortable and hassle free with the island’s professionals. The island has architects, designers and builders that can talk with you about your future plans and to be able to make your dreams of owning a home on an island, a dream come true.


It may be a small island but St. John has a huge selection of restaurants from spots that are breezed cooled for barbecues or burgers to continental cuisine.

Visitors who rented homes or condos find supplies of fresh and frozen foods, baked goods and of course- a selection of liquors and wines.


Vacationers staying on St. John or day trippers from St. Thomas, shopping on St. John is a very pleasant experience. Be it for luxuries or necessities. St. John offers creative shops that offer distinctive resort wear, quality jewelry, unique international and local crafts as well as duty free luxury goods.


Featured Boat Lady K Mr. CharterFalling in love is not only exclusive to falling in love with the island but as well as falling in love with someone special. The perfect ceremony and celebration in island paradise, it can be as simple or elaborate as you wish it to be, is an island specialty. A beautiful wedding at the beach is always a memory that will last through the ages. Your wedding at St. John can include the perfect setting. The ceremony, flowers, photographs, reception and let’s not forget the honeymoon – all these can be planned yourself or rely on the services of a professional wedding consultant.

The island itself is enough to make you fall in love with it. Visiting the island would be as close to visiting a real life paradise here on Earth. The white sand beach, the numerous activities you’ll enjoy doing, great food and the memories you’ll make while at the island. It truly is a luxurious experience filled with the comfort of an island paradise.

In conclusion, St. John, USVI is a wonderful place to getaway to and a popular US Virgin Islands hot spot. Renting a boat or yacht in St. John has never been easier. Mr. Charter is the #1 premier USVI Boat Rental & USVI Yacht Charter company in the islands. We have streamlined the chartering process and made it easier than ever before. Book your boat or yacht today by visiting We promise, you won’t be disappointed!

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