St. Croix: Yacht Charter Oasis

A large island with a large amount of activities, St. Croix is said to be the largest among the Virgin Islands. Residential areas in the island are fairly spread out around the island which consists of homes, schools, and grocery stores. The two main towns in St.Croix are Christiansted and Frederiksted. Resorts and condos are mostly on the north shore and vacation villas can be found in different areas throughout the island.

The island itself offers a literal adventure and escape from reality. St. Croix has a lot to offer as a big island this includes most but is not exclusive to: quiet beaches with sparkling blue water, fabulous diving, biking tours, hiking trails, historical sites, shopping, restaurants, snorkeling and wining and dining. Let’s not forget to mention: chartering a boat or yacht with Mr. Charter. Enjoying yourself on the beautiful waters of the USVI, including St. Croix has never been easier! Below, we list some of the amazing features of this wonderful island known as St. Croix, USVI.


St-Croix-Boat-RentalSeveral hotels and inns are located in closely to the two main towns of Christiansted and Frederiksted. The convenient location offers guests easy access to places such as historic sites, shopping, restaurants and beaches that are found within the towns.

At luxury resorts you can do activities like yoga in the morning, breakfast on the beach, golf and a massage in the afternoon as well. Most resorts and hotels offer access to the beach, swimming pools, tennis and complimentary water sports activities. Many wonderful villas and the Virgin Islands’ only casino-resort are to be found on the eastern side of St. Croix.

Moving away from the main areas of the island (centre) of the island towards the northern part, accommodations become lesser and more diverse. There are accommodations such as luxury resorts with facilities and activities that cater to your needs such as golf, tennis, restaurants and water sports.

St. Croix offers lots of activities that can keep you busy everyday of your trip/vacation. You can kayak in the area where Christopher Columbus visited in 1493 or go under the sea scuba diving on the Famous Wall, or relax and spend the day with massages or exploring the National Parks with guides.

Dining out on St. Croix can means a great buffet at the beach. Different cooking styles such as Asian cooking island style, seafood platters, Caribbean delicacies, don’t forget burgers and fries St-Croix-Yacht-Charter-Mr-Charterand so much more. Wining and dining won’t be a problem since they are made present at St. Croix

In Christiansted, you’ll find many different restaurants, several of which are along the wharf overlooking the blue water. A great way to enjoy the view and cool breeze.


Enjoying the blue and magnificent waters around St. Croix will definitely be the highlight of your vacation. Sail into quiet coves, snorkel beautiful reefs and bask in the delightfully warm sun and tropical breeze. Or take a sunset sail and enjoy the calm beauty and romance of the Caribbean evenings.


You can take an offshore fishing charter and try out your luck at catching a marlin or enjoy a few hours of inshore fishing for snook and bonefish. There has been several fishing records set on the very island as well.

Scuba Diving

St-Croix-DivingYou can also explore corals and gorgonian forest of sea fans. Dive operators are familiar with the various dive locations in the island and can safely direct you to and around them. Enjoy swimming among turtles, parrotfish, and blue tangs and much more. The said dive operators are experts and can also take you out for the first time and teach you how to dive and get you certified for diving. They can also instruct you for an even higher level of dive certification.

Turtle Watching

Some beaches on St. Croix are home to turtle nesting grounds. The St. Croix Environmental Association and other environmental groups carefully watch over these beaches and monitor turtle activity to protect and preserve these fascinating marine creatures.

Golf & Tennis

The islands are home to four golf courses and three of which are located on St. Croix. Tennis courts are available as well on different island resorts. Got to have time for sports, right?


St. Croix – the largest of the Virgin Islands, is known to be home to a large diversity in people, culture, architecture and rich history. Whatever your likes and pursuits are, there’s bound to be an area in St. Croix that caters to these. Properties of all types can be found on St. Croix, including high-end houses, fixer-uppers, condominiums, commercial properties and undeveloped land for future projects.

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