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The British Virgin Islands and the US Virgin Islands are undoubtedly two of the most celebrated cruising destinations in the world, and it is easy to see why. The two destinations offer breathtaking beaches, lush green valleys and mountains, superb sailing and water sports, and friendly anchorages. When one thinks about sailing in the BVI or US Virgin Islands, one envisages a picture perfect island, boasting of miles of white sandy beach, and clear turquoise waters with an abundance of adventure and natural beauty. That’s exactly what visiting the British Virgin Islands and the US Virgin Islands entails, making it one of the must-see vacation destinations especially for those who love water sports, or sailing in the open seas, surrounded by picturesque views of an island paradise. Here’s how you can book a St. John boat rental, or a boat rental anywhere in the British Virgin Islands or the US Virgin Islands.

Customizable Virgin Islands Yacht Rentals & Boat Charters

British Virgin Islands BeachesIt is without a doubt that with the variety of yachts available for USVI boat rental, you are sure to find a boat rental that that fits your specific requirements. The best part is that services such as Mr. Charter allow renters to search for boat rentals according to specific features and also allows renters to view images of the boat so that you can get an idea of exactly what you are paying money for. It is remarkable what luxury yachts can be fitted with today, from Jacuzzis to swimming pools, large cinema and even decks that can be transformed into discotheques with the flip of a switch. No matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find it while searching for a USVI boat rental on Mr. Charter.

Overnight Boat Hire

If you’ve already landed in the British Virgin Islands (or US Virgin Islands) but forgot to book a St. John boat rental, there’s no need to fret. You can easily hire a Virgin Islands boat rental without any fuss, thanks to specialized services such as those provided by Mr. Charter that allow you to get a good look at the boat and hire the one you like on the fly, even on short notice. No more do you have to lie on the beach and stare at the harbor wharf, regretting that you forgot to hire a Virgin Islands Boat Rental. Now, you can easily hire a St. Thomas yacht or St. Croix boat charter at short notice without having to pay any additional fees. The Virgin Islands Yacht can be hired for a day or days so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest at the Virgin Islands.

Crewed Charters

All luxury yachts in the US Virgin Islands and BVI come with an experienced crew who are familiar with the local waters. The options for a Virgin Islands Yacht range from a skipper who’s a jack of all trades to a 5 to 10 member crew who are experienced in taking care of all of your needs, along with operating the boat. The number of crew members of a Virgin Islands Yacht and the functions Beautiful Virgin Island Beachesthey provide are normally listed in the description of the boat on Mr. Charter. But, if you are in search for something smaller, then there are also plenty of options when it comes to a St. Thomas yacht. The best in boat design and new technologies have greatly improved yachts, making it possible for boaters, vacationers and boat enthusiasts to truly have an unforgettable holiday experience in any one of the Virgin Islands boat rentals. A charter crew can really bring the whole experience alive, with a truly personal service which ensures pleasure, privacy and relaxation.

The Cost – Don’t Worry, its Affordable!

The best part is your bank statements do not need to be truly repulsive to hire a St. Croix Boat Charter. In fact, even someone with a bank balance that’s slightly nauseating can afford a Virgin Islands Yacht, since one can be rented for a day or days at highly competitive rates around the British Virgin Islands and US Virgin Islands. Hiring a St. Croix boat charteror a St. Thomas yacht does not have to be expensive. For example, thousands of people visit the Virgin Islands every year; they go to some bars and spend hundreds of dollars on alcohol and beer, then take a walk on the beach and go home. What they should be looking at is a Virgin Islands boat rental. This way they can chip in and enjoy their beers on a beautiful yacht, that’s been fitted with the latest in modern day equipment and all the necessities you require to have a good time.

Bottom Line

St Thomas VI BeachesEnjoying your next vacation on a Virgin Islands boat rental provides you with freedom of avoiding holiday crowds, and also instills within you a sense of accomplishment which is a powerful and addictive feeling. This is the reason why everybody visiting the British Virgin Islands or US Virgin Islands should hire a Virgin Islands boat rental and have the entire sea as their playground!

Virgin Islands boat rental services such as Mr. Charter brings together boaters and boat owners, making it easier for those wanting to hire a charter to find the ideal boat according to their requirements. Specialized services such as this can allow you to make the most of your trip to the British Virgin Islands, soak up the sun, swim with the dolphins and make lasting memories!

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