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The value of the vacations you take cannot be found in your camera roll; it’s in the memories that are lodged so deep within your brain, they’re still lived years later. There’s a trick to forming these memories. The next time you plan on taking a vacation, make sure you go to some place exotic, like the British Virgin Islands or US Virgin Islands perhaps. One reason you should definitely try out these two places is because they happen to be the most sought after vacation spots in the Caribbean – and the Caribbean is a crazy beautiful place. Here are some places you can visit on a Virgin Islands boat rental to make some of those precious memories.

The Beaches

British Virgin Islands Mr. CharterEven when talking about exploring the islands in a Virgin Islands boat rental, one does expect to witness breathtaking beaches. These will be easy to spot in both the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands. But, that doesn’t mean both options will offer up the same experience.


When vacationing at the United States Virgin Islands, one will notice the sheer number of hotels and resorts lining the beaches, oftentimes just a stone’s throw from each other. This makes the USVI perfect for watching ships appear over the horizon, while you’re in a Virgin Islands boat rental. Apart from that, there’s plenty of natural beauty to be in awe of while vacationing in the USVI.

Trip to Buck Island (St. Croix)

This is the only marine national park in the US, so that’s enough to warrant a visit while you’re vacationing at USVI. While most of the coral and the marine park is dead due to years of coral bleaching and fishing, there’s still a neat little beach tucked away and surrounded by tall palm trees and breathtaking views of the beach, offering visitors with a quintessential Caribbean experience.

Jack and Isaac Bay

If you’re looking to park your St. Croix boat charter in a more remote destination, then why not go for these two destinations. Jack Bay and Isaac Bay are two of the most isolated beaches at St. Croix and can only be accessed after a long hike and steep walk down an overgrown trail. While the two beaches are normally deserted, they are well maintained. You might want to take along your own food and water though!


Your experience in the British Virgin Islands will be somewhat similar, but with a few quirks. Here you will get to experience pure island life, since the beaches are not lined by bars, hotels or resorts. In fact, there are some places in the BVI Mr. Charter SailingBritish Virgin Islands where there isn’t a bar in sight, allowing those who love to get close with nature an opportunity to have a truly special experience.

Jost Van Dyke

Otherwise known as the ‘party island’, Jost Van Dyke island is the place to be if you like to have a good time while sipping on your favorite Painkiller. The bar here is infamous for its night life and there’s also the weird bubbly pools that are located on the opposite side of Jost Van Dyke that are naturally made by the rushing in of water which creates a whirlpool effect that’s worth a watch.

The Baths

If you don’t mind a beach with rough waters and a large crowd (at all times) then Virgin Gorda should be right up your alley. A short walk through a tiny opening and you will find yourself surrounded by huge boulders, with water flowing all around them. The sight is truly amazing, with plenty of tide pools created by rushing waters that collects between the boulders, and other nooks and crannies to explore.


Anegada is basically a coral atoll, with only a few ferries operating from the island. But if you’ve chartered a Virgin Islands boat rental, it shouldn’t be a problem getting there. The island is home to a pristine beach and restaurants where you will get to taste the most amazing lobster, which is the island’s signature dish. The island does not attract a large crowd, making it ideal for a quiet stroll down the beach.

The Resorts


Both the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands have a lot to offer when it comes to luxury resorts. Those who are looking for resorts that provide the very best in pools, restaurants, bars, and lounges while still staying connected via Wi-Fi and other tech, will find it all at the United States Virgin Islands, which will be similar to your home away from home (whenever you’re not on a Virgin Islands yacht that is!). You’ll find the best dining experience waiting for you as soon as you dock the St. John charter, St. Thomas yacht, or a St. Croix boat charter.


Mr. Charter Luxury SailingOn the other hand, you have the British Virgin Islands that offer a more pampered and relaxed experience. Those who want to find themselves surrounded by beauty in infinity pools overlooking the Caribbean Sea, or want to dine in Luxurious Verandas will get all that, and then some at the British Virgin Islands. Few people know this, but Peter Island was once home to the likes of Christopher Columbus and Sir. Francis Drake. Fancy!

The Bottom Line

Both the British and US Virgin Islands are a treat to spend time in whether with friends, family or as a lone adventurer. Both these destinations share the same clear waters and incredible views that can be enjoyed from a Virgin Islands boat rental. That being said, the United States Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands cater to two different types of vacationers. While the former is the place to go if you do not want to miss all the amenities of home, the latter are for those who don’t mind a nice walk to get their Pina Colada. But, these two destinations still offer the very best for vacationers who want nothing more than to stroll down the sandy beaches, or be in awe of the lovely turquoise waters while exploring the islands in a Virgin Islands yacht.

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