Luxury Virgin Islands Yacht Charters: What To Expect

Sailing through the US and British Virgin Islands is the perfect way for people like you to experience the sun and the sea in all its glory. Hiring a St. John charter is the perfect way to spend a truly unforgettable week in beautiful turquoise waters, with stunning 360-degree views and not to mention, the interesting local culture. There’s something special about waking up every day in a different location in the US or British Virgin Islands, while enjoying the luxury and incredible views. But, there are a few things you will need to know about a Virgin Islands boat rental before you decide to hire a St. John charter.

Hiring a Virgin Islands Yacht

USVI Sailing - Mr. CharterNormally, renters are charged two basic rental packages in the US and British Virgin Islands – high season rates and low season rates, both of which fall within different price brackets. Apart from the high (summer) and low (winter) seasonal rates, there are also multiple events that are organized within the US and British Virgin Islands, which can increase the cost of a Virgin Islands boat rental. But, that being said, it is possible for renters to find affordable deals online.

Some examples of these events are the Monaco Grand Prix, New Year’s Eve, the America’s Cup and the Cannes Film Festival season, during which the rates of a Virgin Islands yacht may increase as compared to the rest of the year.

It is important to remember that the difference in season is going to make a big difference in the cost of the Virgin Islands yacht. So, choose your vacation dates wisely!

Choosing the Type of Yacht

It is very possible that three different charter yachts that are both 30 meters long can end up having different costs. This can be because of various factors. A St. John boat rental could have an experienced crew or a big-name chef, while the other may be a little tired and not come with an experienced crew.

Other reasons for an increase in the cost of a charter might be its location or the different amenities that it has on offer. It is important for you to ask your broker all the details before you decide on a Virgin Islands boat rental. “Fame value” can also be a reason for the higher cost of a charter. For instance, a charter’s celebrity history or those charter’s that come with a legendary name often command a higher price tag.

The Virgin Islands Boat Rental Contract

Finding out the base price of the Virgin Islands yacht is only going to be the beginning. The terms of the contract will be determined by other factors as well such as, the location, which is often included in the base price of the charter. Virgin Islands Boat ChartersSince every charter will have a different owner, their price will more often than not vary. The same can also be said of the rules that is going to be included in the charter contract.

What is the MYBA?

MYBA stands for Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association. Under MYBA charter contracts, which are the most common type of charter contract in the US and British Virgin Islands, the person renting the charter is in charge of the food or beverages, fuel, harbor and dockage fees and other expenses during the rental period.

What is a CTI?

When renting a Virgin Islands boat rental, you’ll come across the term Caribbean Terms Inclusive, or the Standard Caribbean Terms. Under the CTI, all Virgin Island yachts are to provide the renter with three meals per day, along with fuel for at least four hours of cruising per day. Other yachts under the CTI agreement also include beverages (other than fine wine or champagne, of course!).

What is an Advance Provisioning Allowance?

The Advance Provisioning Allowance amounts to around 25% for a “plus all expenses” charter, and 5% for an “all-inclusive” charter. This amount is sent to the yacht before the charter to make sure that the yacht has been provisioned according to the requirements of the renter. It will be the duty of the captain to provide a running account of the expenses, which will be presented during the charter, and at the end of the charter.

If the APA runs low during the Virgin Islands charter, then the renter is expected to provide the captain with the sufficient amount of funds to cover their needs during the duration of the charter. It is often left to the charter broker to hold an amount and release it accordingly since many people do not prefer to carry money with them during their sailing trip.

Insurance and VAT

One cost that is not directly related to the operations of the Virgin Islands yacht is the insurance of the renter. Considered as the charter version of travel insurance, it covers the costs of any unforeseen circumstances that can either shorten or cancel a charter. A charter may charge Value Added Tax or VAT, which will be included in the cost. Since determining how much VAT a charterer is obliged to pay is a complex issue, its advised to hire a professional charter broker.

Ending Note

Virgin Islands Luxury Yacht ChartersA few nuggets of information to roll off with; many of the USVI or BVI crewed charters, both catamarans and sailboats under 100 feet, operate under all-inclusive pricing. In other words, a standard open bar and all meals are included within the price of the Virgin Islands boat rental.

Lately, some of the US and British Virgin Islands charters have been offering a half-board option as well, which basically means that the person hiring the charter yacht (that’s you) will have to take up to seven meals ashore at their own expense during the week. This includes, three lunches and four dinners. The average discount offered for the half-board option for the Virgin Islands yacht is around $150 pp/week.

When it comes to places you can visit during your trip, all of the US and British Virgin Islands are absolutely beautiful, so it’s really up to you to decide where you want to get a Virgin Islands boat rental.

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