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General Questions

a. Renter Qualifications

In order to keep all of our renters safe, we hold a few requirements in order to qualify you to rent a boat through Mr. Charter.

1. Must be at least 18 years old

2. Hold a valid and current ID

*Renters are not required to hold a boating license in order to rent a captained boat.

All vessels are captained by licensed, knowledgable and experienced captains who are there to ensure your safety while on charter. If you are requesting a bareboat charter, additional requirements will apply.

**Bareboat Requirements

Along with holding a valid boating license, the requirements and qualifications of captaining a bareboat charter will be at the discretion of the Owner/Captain of the vessel.

b. What do I need to bring on my trip?

What you need to bring is dependent upon the type of charter you have planned. If you are traveling outside of US waters, a passport is required. Please pay close attention to all requirements needed as listed by the Owner/Captain as if you arrive at the docks without, a reschedule will not be granted and cancellation due to these circumstances will be with penalty.

c. What can I NOT bring on my trip?

Please check local boating laws where your rental period will take place as well as with your Owner/Captain as to what their personal restrictions are while aboard. They may vary from vessel to vessel.

d. How can I guarantee that I am renting and traveling under a experienced, licensed captain?

Not to worry! Before verification of Owners/Captains and their vessels onto our site, we review all provided information and qualifications to ensure that our renters are in safe hands. If they do not hold the proper licensing and insurance coverage, they are not verified and will not be available for viewing/booking.

e. Do I need to carry my own insurance in order to rent a boat?

No. All of our Owners and Captains are required to show proof of insurance coverage for their vessels before verification and placement on our site. If their policy is not available for viewing within their profile, you may request to review their policy at any time before confirming a charter. This can be done through your profile’s messaging system.

f. If there is an accident (serious or minor) while out on the water, what do I do?

We handle all accidents with seriousness as it is a compromise of safety for our Owners, Captains and renters. If there is a minor incident while out on charter, please contact your Owner/Captain immediately and notify them of the situation if on a bareboat rental. You may be asked to take photos of any damage as well as exchange information with any other involved parties.

If there a serious incident while out on charter, contact the US Coast Guard immediately. They can be reached at 1(800) 323-7233. If in the US Virgin Islands, another available number is (340) 714-2851. They also operate on channel 16-VHF FM.

Payment Process

a. How will payment for my rental be processed?

Payment will be processed through Mr. Charter at time of booking to confirm and hold the boat of your choosing. You will receive confirmation immediately after payment has been received. Payment will be processed through to your captain upon completion of your charter.

b. Gratuity

Gratuity is not included in this payment and should be rendered in cash to your Owner/ Captain upon rental completion. Standard gratuity is generally 15-20% for captain and crew aboard.

c. Is fuel included in the price of my rental?

Fuel payment is at the discretion of the Owner/Captain. Most will offer their fuel pricing separately but some may tie it into their package for an add-on fee. Please inquire before booking with your Owner/Captain via Messaging if you have any questions as to their process and if it is included in their listed price.

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Listing Your Boat

a. How do I list my boat on Mr. Charter?

Listing your boat on our site is quite simple! After creating a user profile, you will notice a button in the top, right hand corner of your dashboard interface (ADD A BOAT). Clicking on this will redirect you to an information questionnaire that will prompt you to enter all available details about your vessel. While most information requested is required of all Owners/Captains, we encourage you to include as much detail as possible. Listing qualifications, licensing and safety features will give the potential renter the comfort needed to ensure that they will be safe aboard your charter.

b. Does Mr. Charter require boat verification?

Absolutely! By individually reviewing and verifying all registered boats, we ensure that the information provided is legitimate and will provide a safe and enjoyable experience to all renters aboard. We at Mr. Charter take pride in the service that we are providing to Owners, Captains and potential renters and strive to make certain that all boats offered on our site are capable of providing the upmost experience. If we do not have any questions or concerns on the registration of your boat, you should receive a verification email within 24 hours.

c. How can I increase attention and traffic to my vessel(s)?

There are a couple of different ways to increase traffic to your boat ad on our site. Again, potential renters want information. The less questions they are forced to ask, the more comfortable and confident they are in your rental right off the bat. Your goal is to give a potential renter a positive online experience with your vessel before stepping foot aboard. We encourage you, as the Owner/Captain to provide as many qualifications as held as well as an abundance of pictures and specifications to visually stimulate the experience a renter can have in choosing your boat!

d. How do I become a “Featured Listing”?

Mr. Charter offers a space in our “Featured Boats” section on our homepage. For a small annual fee, your boat will appear on our home page making it one of the first things a visitor will see upon site entry! Contact one of our representatives for more information on how to become a “Featured Listing”!

e. How do I add/edit my availability?

Your calendar is vital on Mr. Charter. Making sure that your availability is always fresh and up to date is essential in receiving bookings. Your calendar will also prompt you to enter your rate information that can be easily added on a weekly, daily or half-day basis.

f. Can I assign a captain to my boat?

Without a doubt! Many boat owners entrust in an individual or group of individuals to run his/her vessel from time to time or around the clock.

g. Can I captain my own vessel?

At Mr. Charter, we require the highest level of safety among all out on the water. If you would like to list your boat on our site and captain it yourself, we do require that you hold a current USCG Captain’s License. * Proof of licensing is required before vessel verification.

h. Can I add links to my charter company’s website in my listing?

Unfortunately, no. While we encourage expansion and networking outside of Mr. Charter, our services are strictly to remain the middle man between a renter and a boat Owner/Captain and provide an easy to use service without hassle for all parties. Any upload of a personal telephone number, personal email address, website link or further proof of personal transactions within our site could result in the removal of your account and termination of approved bookings.

i. What are the pricing requirements for listing my boat?

Pricing is at your full discretion. Your calendar is where you will be able to enter rates across the board and can select appropriate pricing for your vessel and services as you see fit. In regards to special offers that you may want to promote on various days of the week/year, we’ve offered that capability as well. Your calendar is at your fingertips and allows you to break down this information.

Booking Process

a. How do I communicate with the renter?

All communication with renters or potential renters happens internally within our website. When you are logged into your profile, you will receive all of your messages under the “Messages” tab within your profile that will allow you to receive and respond to all questions and inquiries.

b. How do I communicate with a Mr. Charter representative?

Simple! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at 1-844-MYBOAT1. You can also get in touch with us via email at info@mrcharter.com. Please include all details of your inquiry!

c. Where do I receive and review booking requests?

In “My Trips”, you will be able to do both and more. When a booking request is received, please review and either accept or decline within 24 hours.

d. Can sales or special offers be provided to renters?

Absolutely. You can alter your prices at anytime through your calendar. If there are dates that you are offering a special or discount, specify that date when entering prices.

e. What is the process of canceling a confirmed rental?

As an Owner/Captain, you hold the authority to cancel charters/rentals at your discretion for warranted reasons such as unsafe weather conditions, unexpected vessel complications or if you feel as though your renter’s are not qualified to operate your boat. We ask that as much notice as possible is provided to the renter if such event arises.

Payment Process

a. What is the process of receiving payment for the rental of my vessel?

In your user profile under “Settings”, you will find all of your payment information prompts under “Payments”. Entering all the required information is vital to you receiving payment upon booking. 24 hours after the completion of the rental, we will process payment to be directly deposited into your account via the information provided in your Payment Settings.

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Creating a Profile

For all users, Owners and Renters, the first step is creating a profile. Regardless of your specifications of wants and needs, allowing Owners to view Renter qualifications and vice versa, it creates an easy connection between the two, making the process all the more easy. Registration is effortless. On our homepage, hit “Register” to bring you to our Registration/Login page. Sign up with your Facebook or Google + account or simply enter the requested information to get started.

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